JMPD crime fighting efforts leading to a safer Joburg

The City of Johannesburg released the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s (JMPD) January report on crime and the success of their crime fighting efforts.

The brave JMPD officers put their lives on the line every day to ensure residents are safe and that the by-laws put in place for the benefit of all in Johannesburg are adhered to.

With 557 arrests in January, driving under the influence still remains a concern. Top arrests for the month included possession of a hijacked or stolen vehicle, possession of stolen goods and reckless and negligent driving. In region E, which includes Alexandra and Sandton, 117 arrests of this nature were made, significantly higher than the other regions.

Indeed, drivers on our freeways were issued with 2 062 citations. Even though this is down from 2 717 citation in December, with over 178 000 AARTO notices issued for speeding, JMPD is focusing efforts toward road safety through its monthly activities.

These include operation nightlife, crime prevention roadblocks, and roadside checks. Combined, over 20 000 vehicles were checked in January, leading to 84 arrests, 209 discontinued vehicles, and over 13 000 citations issued.

Through our highly successful Buya Mthetho by-law enforcement operations, 90 illegal electricity connection and 129 illegal water connections were removed. Illegal connections seriously hamper the City’s ability to deliver quality services. The lost revenue recovered, which now exceeds over R1,3 billion, would have greatly assisted in upgrade infrastructure and proving services communities that have never had access before.

As part of the JMPD’s commitment to zero-tolerance toward corruption, 45 disciplinary cases are being investigated, and 17 employees shave either been suspended or arrested.

In order to police successfully, there can be no tolerance towards corruptions. Corruption cripples the entire department, and is therefore public enemy number one.

The JMPD has been compiling these monthly statistics since September last year and it has become a tool of reflection for officers as well as a way of informing residents.

Though policing remains a provincial and national competency, per the Constitution, within its limited mandate, the City’s JMPD is working hard to increase the levels of safety within our communities.

Alongside this, we will continue work with our law enforcement authorities to see to it that where arrests are made by JMPD, these cases are not only investigated but also properly prosecuted by law enforcement authorities. Residents can report illegal activities to the following numbers:
· Anti-Corruption Hotline: 0800 203 712;
· Traffic Management Hotline: 080 872 3342;
· JMPD Emergency number: 011 375 5911 / 011 758 9620; and
· Illegal Dumping: 082 779 1361 (WhatsApp or SMS along with clear photos).